About the artist

Karijini (No 1)

Helen Bailey is an Australian artist. She trained in traditional drawing and painting both here and overseas before developing her unique contemporary abstract style.

Helen's fascination is with the essence of the ordinary. Her work presents familiar subjects in a new light and provides glimpses of the powerful forces that sustain them. Recurring subjects include the Australian bush, dry and burnt but with a dormant lushness waiting to emerge, and the human form, which provides endless interest in its capacity to evoke mood and emotion.

When asked to describe her ambitions as an artist, Helen responded:

I embrace the unusual and the unexpected. For me, creativity enjoys its greatest freedom in abstraction. I try to create an emotive connection between my work and the viewer.

Over the years Helen has worked with leading Australian artists including John Brain, Bruce Herpes, Tony Tozer, Yve Close, Juliet Holmes à Court and Judith White.

Helen is an Associate Member of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales. Her work has appeared at the following exhibitions: